Anthony Henday Update

Edmonton’s Convenient Ring Road Will Soon Reach Fruition

The city of Edmonton is surrounded by a ring road, Anthony Henday Drive. Its proximity to highways ensures convenient out-of-town travel. The roadway joins with Highway 2 (for traffic heading North or South) and Highway 16 (for traffic moving East and West). The road, in its final form, will cross the North Saskatchewan river at its Southwest and Northeast corners, encircling the city. Just inside the ring lie several neighbourhoods in outer Edmonton. Silver Berry, West Edmonton, Haddow, and Cameron Heights are among them. Here’s a fun smidgen of trivia: Anthony Henday was an explorer who worked for the Hudson’s Bay Company. Edmonton and its surroundings have changed a lot since Henday’s time; Edmontonians and visitors need to do their own exploring. They also need to get around quickly. Thanks to this ring road, they can do that. The presence of such a road simplifies journeying to destinations throughout Edmonton, assisting those travelling to sports events, family outings, and social gatherings. Daily commuting is also significantly less complicated. The road passes by Edmonton’s beautiful ravine territory in the south, and also passes through Big Bear Park. Those who use the roadway should find it more pleasant and less crowded than other routes.
The road has a fairly lengthy history; segments were built in the 1970s and 1990s. Since the year 2000, the freeway has been transformed. The final piece of the ring is scheduled to be completed in October 2016. The Fort Saskatchewan Record reported that the road will be the “first road of its kind” in Canada – a “complete ring”. The ring will allow easy access to areas within Edmonton; the West Edmonton Mall is among the most accessible and popular destinations. Destinations outside the city, such as Sherwood Park or St Albert, are easier to reach thanks to Anthony Henday Drive. There’s easy access to Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park, aiding Edmontonians who yearn for a wildlife viewing trip.
Over $4 billion has been poured into reconstruction of the entire ring road. The northeast leg is undergoing massive construction; this task will reach completion this year, in the fall. The city has been improving the northeast section of the roadway since 2012, investing $1.81 billion in the project. Capital City Link Group is in charge of everything from design to maintenance. There will be a six and eight lane divided road. Twin bridges will cross the North Saskatchewan River; there are various other bridges. Global News reported that when the northeast leg is completed, 30,000 vehicles will make use of it daily. Improvements are comprised of both new and reconstructed freeway space. There will be no traffic lights. Builders use sturdy, top of the line materials, preparing drivers and passengers for a safe ride. Carrie Sancartier of Alberta Transportation told the Journal of Commerce that the roadway will be “accessible” and “free flowing”. Allan Neill of Capital City Link General Partnership told the Journal of Commerce that “I think it’s something Edmontonians in general should be proud of” and that the road would be “beautiful”.

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One can ride this roadway virtually online at http://www.northeastanthonyhenday. com Photos of the tremendous project are also available online. Aerial views will impress the eyes. Edmontonians are getting very excited as the end of the project approaches. They can’t wait to go for a nice drive.


Written By Brenna Turvey

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